Portfolio: Fresita (Chile)


The Idea

As a company, we had always been searching for a good quality sparkling wine with a twist. We wanted something unique and different, with delicious flavor, low alcohol, something that didn't exist anywhere else.

Everything started one summer, the time of the year when nature gives us the result of months of work. On one side, the grape harvest begins under the sun’s warmth, giving its delicious juice that will then be part of our wine. On the other side, during the same season, exquisite red strawberries fill the fields with their sweet aroma. It was there that the magic happened; right in front of us... why not put together these two elements to create something unique? We knew that to make the perfect blend, we needed not only the wine and strawberries, but we also needed to add elegance and delicacy through our sparkle. That is how Fresita was created, the perfect blend of sparkling wine and strawberries that transforms daily occasions into special moments.

We promise to be there whenever you get together with friends and to inspire the enjoyment and relaxation that comes with a Fresita moment.