Portfolio: Les Coteaux de Fournes (Rhone, France)

Les Coteaux de Fournes was founded in 1955 by a group of thirty winemakers living in the village. Located in the Southern Rhone, due west of Avignon and east of Pont Du Garde. The cellar was built in 1956, followed by an addition in 1970. Today the vineyards cover 400 hectares, divided into AOP, Appellation Origine Protégée (the EU equivalent of AOC) CÔTES DU RHÔNE VILLAGES and CÔTES DU RHÔNE red, rosé and white plus VIN DE PAYS.

The land is composed by round stones in the north and pure clay in the west. In the south and east part of the soil is made of a mixture of pebbles and clay.

The vineyards are planted on the alluvial terraces ( flat areas) which are situated on the borders of the Rhône river.  These terraces are composed of sediments deposited by the streams of the river over the centuries. The soils allow the roots of the vineyards to reach deep underground and extract the minerals that are necessary to create powerful and beautiful wines. The long sunny days shining on the terraces do the rest!

•Note these are not typical Southern Rhone wines as they are Syrah driven.