Portfolio: Fairvalley (South Africa)


Fairvalley Wines

"The hands that work the soil feed the soul" is the slogan that says it all. Fairvalley wines are all crafted by the Fairvalley Workers Association with profits from the sale of the wines going directly towards developing homes on the Fairvalley Farm. The logo of the hands on the label symbolizes the need to work with the earth symbol etched on one hand and the the water symbol etched on the other. Earth and water are critical to our future as a species and to the family members of the association. All grapes are sourced from Fairview’s Citrusdal farms which are all Fairtrade Certified.

The Fairvalley Workers Association

Founded in 1997, was set up by the employees of Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate and funded by grants from The Department of Land Affairs as well as a grant made available by the Fairview Trust. The 42 families who are today the members of the Association are employed by Fairview.

The Fairvalley Workers Association Objectives

To address the need for sustainable housing; create jobs’ and business opportunities for the members; to empower them to own their own homes under free-hold, as ownership of houses by members should not be linked to their employment. They should be allowed to create wealth for themselves if they so wish. They should be able to make the homes and the entire property value available to their families, heirs and/or successors in title.

The Fairvalley Urban Village

The development framework allows for approximately 450 residential units and 20,000 square meters of commercial and light industries to be built on the land. The intention is to use alternative eco-friendly building materials: grey water systems, solar energy and other energy efficient techniques will be used for the purposes of reduced and more sustainable energy consumption .



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