Portfolio: Monmousseau (France)



The tradition began with the audacity and expertise of Alcide Monmousseau who founded in 1886, this fine wine merchant house in Montrichard (Loir et Cher), where he discovered one of the most important quarries of regional tuffeau stone. Abandoned after having being used to build the royal castles of the Loire, the quarry was brought back to life by Alcide, who transformed it into magnificent winemaking cellars. 

At the beginning of this century, Justin-Marcel Monmousseau, the nephew and successor of Alcide at the head of the House of Monmousseau, discovered great similarities between the terroirs and grape varieties of the vineyards of Champagne and those of Touraine. He managed to make a Great Wine, according to the method used by Dom Pérignon that he had had the opportunity of carefully studying. Within less than 5 years, he entered "The Fine Sparkling Wine Market" and became internationally renowned. As of 1930, the sparkling wines of Justin Marcel Monmousseau were distributed throughout Europe, including at the dinner table of Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden. They were notably sold in the United States and Japan, where they are still popular today. After the death of Justin-Marcel in 1972, the family dynasty continued up until 1994.


The house of Monmousseau is at the heart of the Loire valley in Montrichard. This region is remarkable for the quality of its architectural heritage, its historic towns and its prestigious constructions, drenched in history. Its majestic castles, such as Chambord, Chenonceau or Cheverny, retrace and relate the story of every more or less important historic event in France. Situated along the Cher River, irresistible Montrichard, within the district of Monmousseau, is a medieval city with character at the crossroads of the region’s tourist attractions. The House of Monmousseau has established its guided tour within this exceptional environment. Its cellars are presented in an artistic, magical and unique way, in view of promoting the region’s heritage and rich troglodyte dwellings.

Monmousseau masters the art of blending Loire Valley appellations and the production of still wines. The variety of the soils in Touraine and the diversity of the area’s grape varieties such as Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc or more specifically Cot (Malbec) produce complex and top quality Monmousseau wines. The company selects the best grapes and implements authentic and traditional winemaking techniques, in view of obtaining elegant and prestigious wines with character. The wines are entirely made in the cellar. With its perfect and constant temperature of 12°C, this old quarry is a privileged place for the elaboration of Monmousseau’s wines according to traditional techniques.