Portfolio: Sombras del Sol (Chile)

While the sun is a powerful symbol, the bringer of light and life and the source of all energy, the name Sombras Del Sol actually means The Shadow of the Sun. It is powerful and poetic and offers so much more than just a reference to the dominant celestial object. At the heart of winemaking and viniculture, a very careful balance exists. It is a balance between hot and cold, light and dark, in short between sun and shade. Winemakers constantly seek this balance and their desire for balance extends into many aspects of their craft, from careful trellising to ensure grapes receive just the right amount of sun and sun protectionto planting certain varietals in areas that are best suited to developing and enhancing their flavors.

In our research of the Mapuche Tribe (The Araunacos) we discovered their fascination with the heavens extends beyond just the sun. The sun, moon and stars are all featured in their beliefs and symbolism and is reflected in their textiles, jewelry and cultural objects. The name Sombras del Sol allows us to associate with not just the sun, but with the earth and heavens as a whole and provides us with a way of expressing ourselves in a new and more nuanced fashion.

We found and adapted a Mapuche Ppoem, keeping only the primary sentiment, an explanation of what The Shadow of the Sun means to us and to all the winemakers who constantly seek the perfect balance. Sombras Del Sol is still a celebration of the sun, but beyond just celebration the name also implies a certain, almost inescapable power that must be respected as it is celebrated. A sentiment the Mapuche understood well:

“Between light and dark we discover life,
Between night and day, heaven and earth,
We sing and dance in celebration of life,
Mankind finds all things that will ever be,
Beneath the shadow of the sun.”

Since time immemorial the sun has been celebrated as the giver of life in Chile. Sombras del Sol captures the careful balance between sun and shade, light and dark that forms an essential part of winemaking. Discover the spirit and colors of Chile in every glass; and the taste of sunshine in every sip.


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